In its internal laboratory, Ensinger has available a range of possibilities for determining material characteristics. The table provided offers an overview of possible tests, which can also be performed within the framework of a works test certificate 3.1 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10204.

In addition, we work in close cooperation with various external test institutes, through which additional and also more complex tests can be performed in a variety of areas.

Mechanical tests

Property Description Norm
Hardness -Ball impact hardness<br />-Shore D (thermoplastics)<br />-Shore A (elastomers) DIN EN ISO 2039-1<br /><br />DIN EN ISO 868
Friction / wear behaviour Linear test rig<br />-Slide-friction coefficient<br />-Wear
Tensile testing -Tensile strength<br />-Modulus of elasticity<br />-Tensile strength at yield<br />-Tear strength <br />-Elongation<br />-Work DIN EN ISO 527
Impact bending test (Charpy) -Charpy impact strength<br />-Charpy notch impact strength DIN EN IS 179
Flexural test -Bending stress<br />-Flexural elongation<br />-Flexural modulus DIN EN ISO 178

Thermal tests

Property Description Norm
Melting behaviour / range Capillary tube method<br />-Melting temperature DIN EN ISO 3146
DSC -Glass transition temperature<br />-Melting ( peak) temperature DIN EN ISO 11357-1<br />(DIN 53765)<br />DIN EN ISO 11357-2<br />DIN EN ISO 11357-3<br />
TGA -Decomposition behaviour<br />-Filler content DIN 51006
Melt index -Melt mass flow rate index (MFR)<br />-Melt volume flow rate index (MVR) DIN EN ISO 1133

Electrical tests

Property Description Norm
Resistance -Surface resistance<br />-Volume resistivity ASTM D 257-99

Physical tests

Property Description Norm
Density -Density DIN EN ISO 1183-1 (method A)
Bulk density -Apparent density DIN EN ISO 60
Incineration Content of inorganic fillers<br />-Glass fibre content<br />-Mineral content DIN EN ISO 3451-1 (method A)
Viscosity -Viscosity of PA (in sulphuric) DIN EN ISO 307
Humidity (granulate) -Karl-Fischer titration<br />-Moisture content DIN EN ISO 15512
Post-shrinkage -Post-shrinkage DIN EN ISO 15860

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